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Welcome to The Network! This is a place for small businesses to support one another and build together. You came to this website in search of support for your business and you came to the right place. Become apart of The Network and help us grow while also helping your business grow. With the support of our community, our goal is to provide small business grants to up and coming entrepreneurs utilizing a "Pay it Forward" method. This means that any grant recipient of funds from The Network is required to subscribe to our network for 24 months from the date the grant is received. This subscription is a small contribution towards funding future grants for other recipients.

In addition to grant recipient contributions, we open our platform for anyone wanting to give to a cause that works towards spreading wealth amongst those of us that depend on programs just like this one to be given a fighting chance at making something out of nothing that we can call our own.

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The Facts

Why this work is so important?

Funding for start up small businesses owned by Black, Brown, and Female entrepreneurs is scarce and hard to come by. It is a well known fact that the current systems in our country are not built to support the underdog. According to the 2022 CA Small Business Economic Profile, across the board, minorities and women have a high percentage of working at a company as opposed to owning them. In this report it is determined that Black people own around 220,000 businesses, with Hispanics owning around 900,000 businesses, and White people owning more than 2 million businesses in California alone. When COVID 19 hit and funding by the government was allocated, 47% of government relief was given to White owned businesses, while 18% of relief went to Hispanic businesses, and 9% went to Black owned businesses (IBANK Small Business Finance Report). These numbers prove a great need, outside of traditional loans and government led financing assistance programs, to support start up businesses owned and run by Black, Brown, and Female groups. 

Uplifting ourselves, While uplifting Others

The Network is about building a community for a demographic of "Go Getters" that are starting off from scratch, alone, and in need of direction and support. While at the same time inviting those that have made it happen, created something from nothing, that want to spread their knowledge and put towards a cause that never stops giving!


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